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It helps you easily create a secure free WiFi hotspot on your PC
Shadow-Box — 11 months ago
Pretty good WiFi hotspot for Windows.
Heartless — Last year
The most adorable and excellent Hotspot Router I ever had. I had suggested download links to all my friends,who are fed up or unable to figure out their hotspot. Great work! Thanks a lot for making our commercial style more useable :D
WhoisMrRight — 2 years ago
The user-interface menu is too spacious for my taste. Thanks a lot for making this app free.
TusherTusher — 2 years ago
The software is perfectly easy, better than virtual WiFi and WiFi creator apps. Thank you for this great app.
Whatistheanswer — 2 years ago
The software is perfectly easy. It's better than some other WiFi hotspot applications, because it has more features.Thank you for this great app.
RainDogandCat — 2 years ago
The only one suggestion is to continue improving and updating the wonderful program.
EndlessLove — 2 years ago
A great product, it has resolved our bad WIFI connection at home in one of the room in the corner of the house.
Sharan Swift — 2 years ago
This app is amazing! But I think it can be better on Windows 8 /8.1.
Nil Projapo — 2 years ago
Hi, My WiFi Router guys. I just want to tell you that I love this program so much. Thanks for your business, which lets me enjoy WiFi better.
LoveTaylorSmith — 2 years ago
The interface is good but there is a lack of smoothness and the developer must create a English version of the Android app.
HeySharan — 2 years ago
The team has done great work!
Guest #37547696 — 2 years ago
This did not run on my Asus as long time showing activating.
Annie — 2 years ago
I am a fellow "my wifi router" user. Your software is really cool! I am having so much fun using it in my room. Thanks!!
helloeveryone — 2 years ago
If you need a WiFi router, I definitely recommend this one. Even my mother can use it because it's really very easy to set up. Thank for My Wifi Router team.
Ilovewifi — 2 years ago
Well, just the change video sharing feature a little bit - make it playable on all devices and maybe you should put the feature to chose network adapter that will be shared.
arthur-king890 — 2 years ago
It is the best router I have ever used, for long time I was looking for a wifi router like this, thanks to it I solved many problems.
MrsRabbit — 2 years ago
It has been more than 3 months I am using this software. I am quite delighted with it. Good luck.
sophiaswift — 2 years ago
It's a great app. But here is one suggestion, please make the setting page smaller because it will cover too much room on the desktop.
Alexander Wuren — 2 years ago
Good feature which helps sharing videos. But, not all video formats are supported, i.e. 3GP.
Ilovetech — 2 years ago
I think the interface is great and easy to use.
Warren Lee — 2 years ago
It's working smoothly and has a lot of cool features. Just carry on the good work and try to release an Android version as well.
Which one is which — 2 years ago
I really don't know how to express my appreciation. It's the best WiFi hotspot app I ever used. I recommended it to many friends, because I think it's a very good tool if you want to create a home wireless network.
Terence Tong — 2 years ago
The interface is easy to use, but it lacks the help to configure the connection.
Brant Lee — 2 years ago
It needs more video formats, otherwise, it is perfect.
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